Where is this company located?

Yos Apparel is based out of NYC, USA. 


What does Yos or YOS stand for?

Yos stands for Your Own Society. We believe in a world where one can form their own ideas and think freely without feeling as if they need to conform to societal standards. 


What is the inspiration behind your pieces

Each piece is inspired by everyday life, an anecdote of the designer open to interpretation.


What does QSP* (Quick Strike Pricing) mean?

 Quick Strike Pricing (QSP) is a new method of pricing that rewards customers for getting a product early. Items marked with QSP will have a starting price lower than its retail price. The price will then increase once per day incrementally until it reaches its final retail price.This gives everyone a chance to purchase, no matter the budget

*EXAMPLE: Release price for tee is $20, the next day it will be $22.50, the following day $25… until it reaches the retail price of $40. The earlier you cop, the cheaper the product will be.*


I just ordered my package, how long will it take to reach me?

Typically orders go out 2-3 days after the order is made. After we ship, an email will be sent out and you should receive your order in about 3 days.


This product is sold out, when can expect a restock?

Typically, Yos products do not get restock to preserve the authenticity and urgency of the product. If a restock is approaching, the product will be labeled with a “Coming Soon” tag.


Do you ship internationally?

The short answer is Yes! Based out of NY, international shipping would be more expensive than domestic shipping. 


How can I know when a new release is coming?

Keep up with our social media pages to stay up to date!

Instagram: @yosapparel

Twitter: @yosapparel


Do you accept returns?

You have 15 days from you received an item to return it to the return address to get your full money back. The item must not show any signs of wear/tear unless the product was received in that condition.